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Speed Squid

A game created by gws34
Website (http://...)

Use the 8 finger-resting keys [a s d f j k l ;] to control the movement of your 8 corresponding squid limbs. Grab prey as quickly as possible for maximum points, but, beware the mines.

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A game created by gws34
Translated by gws34

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  Profile     Message gws34 ( 2 July 2007 10:18) : Sorry to those who don't have english/qwerty keyboards and therefore have difficulties playing! I'll add key-mapping configuration if I can get around to it...
  Profile     Message anuleena ( 4 July 2007 05:30) : On my Finnish keayboard with the letter ö in the place of the last limb doesn't work either. But I still got in 21st place, so not too bad!
  Profile     Message Polio1 ( 5 July 2007 16:17) : ^
same prob here
  Profile     Message game54 ( 16 August 2007 12:54) : 13455 it's possible ?
  Profile     Message Polio1 ( 2 November 2008 16:43) : A tip to everyone with a Windows computer (unsure about Macs) who has problems with their keyboards being a different language than english:

At the bottom-right of the screen, to the left of the toolbar, there are some letters; usually 2 letters. Click it.
Now a window will appear. Click English (US) and OK. You will now be able to play this game with your resting keys.
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