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A game created by gws34
Website (http://...)

30 levels of orb destroying fun. The blue orb is controlled by a springy connection to the mouse. Destroy all green orbs, avoid other colors. Bonuses, bosses and survival mode!

Pepere highscores are enabled in Normal mode only.

Hint: for higher scores go for combos and make good use of the shield.

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A game created by gws34
Translated by gws34

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  Profile     Message X-man ( 5 September 2007 19:27) : @gws34: a very nice game, to bad there are no more levels...

  Profile     Message abdussamed ( 6 September 2007 09:27) : nice game
  Profile     Message gws34 ( 6 September 2007 09:50) : Thanks guys. @X-man maybe I'll make more levels in the sequel
  Profile     Message Aurel300 ( 2 October 2007 12:47) : Yeah, good game!
Maybe there may be more types of bosses. I like bosses .
  Profile     Message ismael ( 7 April 2008 19:41) : trop bien !!!
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