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A game created by d0ornab

All the farmer's chickens have run away, so he has hired you to catch as many as you can..

Do this by clicking on the chicken that's running around on the screen..
Click on the egg that appears once in a while to stun the chicken..
The more chickens you catch, the faster they'll run around..

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A game created by d0ornab

Translated by Morgue

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  Profile     Message Polio1 ( 17 August 2006 07:57) : I don't get this game... They escape, how do we stop them?

Edit: Nvm
  Profile     Message stevernofski ( 13 September 2006 15:47) : wtf is the cheat?

  Profile     Message woman ( 26 November 2006 12:49) : coucou comme,t sa ba
  Profile     Message unglücklich ( 7 February 2007 16:53) : güzel oyun
  Profile     Message fabio_colorado ( 14 October 2009 18:24) : Primeirão !!!!!
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